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we empower you to create your first brand

Personalize your label for your very own beauty line for your spa, salon, boutique, or business.

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our mission

let your brand be your canvas

Our aim is to build a place where launching your skin care brand is as easy, efficient, affordable, and rewarding as it is limitless.

CASMA team

Meet the Team

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Cristian Antonio Castillo
Cristian Antonio Castillo
CEO | Director of Operations

Walleska de Castillo
Walleska de Castillo
Co-founder | Director of Sales

Marie Andre Castillo
Marie Andre Castillo
Head of Marketing

Christian Andres Castillo
Christian Andres Castillo
Head of Operations

Every big idea starts with a small step forward.

Ready to take that first step towards success? We're here to help. With innovative solutions and personalized support, we'll guide you towards achieving your goals. Let's make your big ideas a reality - contact us today.

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