Transform the Ordinary to Extra Ordinary

CASMA understands that for certain projects, a complete custom design and production may not be feasible. To address this, CASMA offers exceptional finishing techniques that are unparalleled in the industry to transform product ranges. Trendy and attention-grabbing decorations are crucial for creating a unique selling point and ensuring that packaging aligns with each brand's aesthetic.

Finishes &Ā Decoration

CASMA's core competencies include the provision of a variety of finishes and decorations to elevate your packaging. Our finishes include Glossy Varnish and Matte Varnish, while our decoration services feature Gold Hot Stamping, Gold Ink, and Silver Ink. These expert techniques ensure that your packaging stands out with an aesthetically pleasing and memorable design.

Glossy &Ā Matte Varnish

These techniques add a protective layer to your packaging. Glossy Varnish makes it shiny, while Matte Varnish gives a soft, non-reflective look. Choose the finish that matches your brand and ensures your packaging stays looking great.

Gold Hot Stamping

Gold Hot Stamping adds a touch of luxury by imprinting a shiny gold design onto your packaging. This elegant method makes your product stand out and catches the eye.

Gold &Ā Silver Ink

Gold and Silver Inks bring a metallic shine to your packaging. These inks create a stylish, eye-catching effect, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your brand.


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Innovation in Printing

Example of techniques used to apply on Tubes.

Cosmetic Tube Design
3D Printing

Applying 3D designs into the tubes bring a elegant touch.

Cosmetic Tube Design

This technique creates an effect of light and shadow in the designs applied to the tube, generating a visual effect of painting with water. The watercolor allows the eye to focus on a profile of calm and tranquility.

Cosmetic Tube Design

This technique is the application of metallic ink on flexible colored plastic tube creating a fading effect. This visual technique gives your brand a luxurious and harmonious positioning.

Cosmetic Tube Design

This technique consists of superimposing two figures, one solid and the other in outlines. It gives a positioning of warmth and stability.