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Impresi贸n offset
Offset Printing

Precision and Customization at Your Fingertips

Acabados (barniz brillante y barniz mate)
Finishes (Glossy Varnish and Matte Varnish)

Tailored Finishes for Your Brand's Aesthetic.

(L谩mina de oro, L谩mina de plata, Tinta de plata, Tinta de oro)
Decorations (Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Silver Ink, Gold Ink)

Elevate Your Packaging with Elegant Embellishments.

Innovaci贸n en la impresi贸n
Innovation in Printing

Stay Ahead with Industry-Leading Techniques.

CASMA Tubos | Impresi贸n offset
Printing &聽special finishes

Offset Printing

Benefit from the capabilities of our offset printing services, known for exceptional precision, vibrant color reproduction, and seamless shading variations. Our expertise in printing up to 5 colors enables us to deliver stunning, high-quality images while reducing the need for color additives, resulting in visually striking and cost-effective packaging solutions for your brand.

Innovation Techniques #1

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Innovation Techniques #2

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Printing &聽special finishes


Discover the transformative power of our glossy and matte varnish options, tailored to enhance your brand's aesthetic. Opt for a high-shine, luxurious look or a subtle, sophisticated matte effect, as our skilled team brings your desired finish to life with precision and care.

  • Glossy Varnish: Achieve a radiant, high-shine finish for a luxurious and eye-catching appearance.

  • Matte Varnish: Opt for a subtle, refined look with a sophisticated matte effect that exudes elegance.

CASMA | Acabados
CASMA Tubos | Decoraci贸n
Printing &聽special finishes


Immerse your brand in luxury with our elegant decoration services, offering gold and silver foil and ink options. These high-quality embellishments capture attention and elevate your beauty packaging, creating an unforgettable presentation that reflects your brand's prestige.

  • Gold Foil: Add a touch of opulence with gold foil accents, conveying a sense of luxury and sophistication.

  • Silver Foil: Enhance your packaging with sleek silver foil highlights, perfect for an elegant and modern look.

  • Gold and Silver Ink: Utilize our metallic gold and silver ink options for subtle yet striking decorative elements that enhance your brand's visual appeal.

Printing &聽special finishes

Innovation in Printing

Embrace the cutting edge of printing with our dedication to continuous innovation. We invest in the latest technology and industry-leading techniques to ensure your beauty packaging benefits from the most advanced solutions, positioning your brand at the forefront of market trends.

CASMA Tubos | Innovaci贸n en la impresi贸n

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